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FSTA grants are allocated for the purpose of encouraging Family Studies teachers to participate in professional development and to purchase resources for the Family Studies classroom.   

FSTA has two grants available for FSTA members who teach Family Studies in the classroom at any grade level.   

The Family Studies Professional Development Grant is in the amount of $350.00.  Applicants may apply for financial assistance, up to a maximum of $350.00, to organize a school board district learning opportunity for Family Studies teachers, to network with other Family Studies teachers, or to create and implement Family Studies initiatives.  One grant is available every other school year.  

The Family Studies Resource Grant is in the amount of $350.00.   Applicants may apply for financial assistance up to a maximum of $350.00 to develop their Family Studies program by purchasing educational resources (not food or capital equipment) for use in the classroom.  A Family Studies teacher is eligible to receive this grant every other school year.

Grant applicants must be a current member of FSTA for minimum of two (2) consecutive years and be teaching Family Studies in the current school year.  Annually $1,000.00 is budgeted for each of these grants.  Criteria and applications are available on the FSTA website.  The FSTA Executive will review applications and contact the successful applicant(s).  Grants will be awarded on a first come, first selected basis until each budget amount is utilized. 

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